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Clive Davies Guitar Workshop Holidays

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You may find these sites of interest;

My youtube music channel:

Fandalism is a wonderful music video site!
Featuring videos by musicians only - from beginners to masters...
All you have to do is post a video of your own playing - and you'll be sure to receive positive comments and encouragement from musicians all over the world (and even find some who live nearby to you!)

My Fandalism music channel:

For writing guitar music, I use Guitar Pro software- it is brilliant!
I think that this is the premier classical guitar magazine
Bristol Guitar Society has their focus...
'on acoustic, finger-style, nylon strung guitar,
particularly classical, but also allowing for arrangements
of other music (jazz, blues, popular etc.).'
'We give a few concerts each year, from a repertoire
which ranges from Bach to light classical
and jazz influenced contemporary pieces.'
The magnificent Alhambra in Granada
Here are many interesting Links to guitar related sites
The Cambridge Guitar Orchestra,
has a twenty year history of concerts, workshops and masterclasses.
Music teachers around the globe
Rachel hosts a very informative website on Andalucia - well worth a visit...