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Clive Davies Guitar Workshop Holidays

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ONE-ON-ONE  Guitar Tuition

 in Montefrio, Granada, Spain





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I have been holding my Guitar Workshop Holidays

here in Montefrio, Spain since 2006 

I teach fingerstyle guitar playing:

Folk, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Blues,

also Singing and Song writing
+ Music Composition
Beginners and early learners

are especially welcome!


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Prices page

Which type of Guitarist are you?
1) Perhaps you've  had  one or two lessons
and have bought a 'Learn Guitar' book.
2) You play many styles - from folk/blues to classical
and possibly a little jazz.
3) You play classical guitar from music only,
and long to loosen-up
and develop some jazz guitar skills.
4) You are a budding composer or singer/songwriter needing some direction  with your musical ideas.
5) You play plectrum guitar though you
 long to develop fingerstyle skills.

-If you recognize yourself
as one of these guitarists
- then my Guitar Workshop Holidays
will be a fingerstyle treat for you!
Can't make the trip to my
Guitar Workshops?
- You'll find my booklet will give you
a low cost insight into my playing... 


Montefrio, Granada,
Our wonderful area of Spain has so much to offer:
Sightseeing and scenic walking through the olive groves, visits to the many beautiful pueblos that surround us,
- and you may be lucky enough
to experience some flamenco!





A little bit

about Clive and Sue Davies...
My wife and I have lived in Spain since 2005.
We have a house, Casa Capacha,
in a beautiful setting in rural Granada,
near the pueblo of Montefrio.
It has a self contained cottage
which is used by guitarists
who come here for rest, relaxation,
and of course some Guitar Therapy
with my Guitar Workshop Holidays.

Anthony Clegg, an actor from UK, 

 jetted into Granada airport from London,

determined to add fingerstyle skills

to his novice guitar playing.



Randall and Camilla flew in from Norway

Thank you so much for our wonderful guitar workshops

with you in Montefrio.

We arrived with practically no earlier guitar instruction,

you have given us both inspiration and material

that we will be able to work with further for a long while

after our return home to Norway.





Jim came to my guitar workshops

as part of his holiday in Spain.


Just a quick email to express my appreciation 

for your guitar workshops,

and to thank you for your excessive patience,

expertise and knowledge! 

Your teaching methods are so effective,

it is obvious that immense knowledge and thought

has gone into your teaching and I am grateful

to have been the fortunate recipient!

Looking forward to seeing you again,  




Ruth, came from Montreal in Canada.


'I enjoyed a wonderful, peaceful time during my guitar holiday.

As a complete beginner, I found Clive to be an excellent teacher

whose thoughtful lesson plans proceeded

at the perfect pace for my level.

I learned more than I would have thought possible in only ten days,

and this experience has confirmed my desire to continue studying 

the guitar in the years to come.'



Dom from London is an accomplished

'hybrid' style blues guitarist

 his father Alan, is passionate about the guitar.
The three of us ended with a great moonlit evening jam session!

Each day they walked down to the waterfalls

and rock pools  to cool themselves.


Linda travelled from the UK for my Guitar Workshops...
A vivacious lady, she also plays the mandolin!
(Plus a pink cello - and a purple violin!)
Kitty Sewell, bestselling author, keen guitarist & singer,
enjoyed five hours of my guitar workshops over two days...
She came as a challenge to herself and her guitar playing,
wanting to move on from her old songs...
An email from Kitty; Just to say thank you very much
 for yours and Sue's hospitality.
I'm practicing my guitar every day
and have been greatly inspired by your skill
and knowledge and enthusiasm. 

Annemarie came on the bus from Holland.
It was wonderful, I really enjoyed my lessons...
You are a very special guitarist and teacher...
The beautiful music you wrote and played...
The excursions to Moclin, Alomartes and
Alcala I will always remember...
Casa Capacha is a beautiful home,
and Montefrio is terrific !
AnneMarie van der Wurf, Holland


Tim flew in from New York

for my fingerstyle guitar workshops...

He wrote to thank me:

'My ten day guitar workshops with Clive was trans-formative. 

I showed up as a novice guitar player looking to improve my 'fingerstyle' technique -

 Clive had much bigger ambitions in mind.

Clive helped me to discover my inner musician

and opened up a whole new world

of what is possible on the guitar.

I understand choice of musical keys now, and how to create

my own new chords and progressions.

I have a whole toolkit of right hand techniques

 to create rhythms with, a whole new set of  pieces to play for friends

and family, and I even started to sing!!!

That was something I would have thought impossible

before the time I spent with Clive.


He is a masterful teacher, with MANY  musical pieces

and techniques that he has ready to teach you.  

He was always ready to take input from me at ANY point

so that we could focus on things that mattered to me personally.

He is patient, and takes things that are complex and makes them simple.

The whole experience is flexible, so you can be part

of designing the workshop for yourself if you choose to,

or Clive is ready to guide the experience at any point.


And with Granada only an hour away, Malaga two hours,

you can also have some fun in Spain to break up your workshop.


I enthusiastically recommend Clive's guitar workshops

 to any guitar players who are serious about honing their skills,

and want to study with a Master

that can clearly see where you are now,

and help inspire you to a new vision

for what is possible for you with the guitar. 

I loved it!


Tim Mulosmanaj, New York

Have guitar - will travel...
Come by plane - come by train!
Not too far - come by car!
Spain, Granada, Montefrio...  Aaaah!






A very pretty pueblo

Voted third 'Wonder of Granada' and recently featured in the National Geographic magazine!

Link to the cultural page of the Montefrio Town Hall::








Guitarists and reviews:



Daniel Gordon

Clive has a very unique and innovative way of approaching the guitar and did a fantastic job of explaining and teaching how he achieves that sound. The hospitality that Clive and his wife provided was lovely as well!



*  *  * 



Stephen Bonikowski



                          *  *  * 



Phil Emerson

I spent a wonderful week at Sue and Clive’s

lovely house near Montefrio.

Clive has evolved a clever but straightforward guitar music system that uses jazz chords and finger-style methods that fit so well with many songs and tunes.

By applying these techniques to my own guitar playing I came away with the tools to create my own accompaniments to existing repertoire as well as writing my own music.

Each day was full of music, good food and mountain air in a beautiful part of Spain - I loved it!


*  *  * 




Moeto, a fine fingerstyle and rock guitarist from Japan, came for five days of my guitar workshops

Clive's lessons uncovered many aspects of playing the guitar which I had never thought of before.

His broad taste and deep knowledge of music, which can be seen in his songs and YouTube videos,

made me able to access new techniques, fingerpicking styles and chord combinations.
I strongly recommend you, no matter how long you have played the guitar, to visit and experience

his guitar workshops.


*  *  *



Spencer, an American student studying in Granada, attends weekend guitar workshops with me

As a student of the guitar who enthusiastically enjoys getting my hands upon any sort of new knowledge or material to advance my own skills, I must say that Clive is a fountain of musical and life knowledge. In just a few sessions he blew the door wide open on what I had thought I had known. His ability to blend his own thoughts and techniques with my abilities was uncanny. He doesn't push his views, he just shows you what could be and allows you to pursue to your hearts content, I have enough to keep me busy for quiet a while! Susie and Clive's hospitality is second to none, I could not more highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Andalusian countryside to absorb what Clive has to offer.


*  *  *




Daisy flew down from London to study at my guitar workshops.

She sent me an email: 

As a practising yogi and musician I was keen to find somewhere that I could focus my efforts in an undistracted way into both practices
which I am passionate about. 
The lessons with Clive were an altogether amazing experience. As an intermediate player - I have self taught for about 12 years but have always struggled to get myself through plateaus with varying success. 
Clive has helped me to unlock many techniques which I found to be a complete enigma when read in books.
I have been shown ways and means to discover new chords and techniques to spice up and innovate my songwriting technique. I have particularly enjoyed learning how to 'jazzify' simple melodies.
He has helped me to uncover and correct in a very supportive way - areas that need improvement, from very basic things like grip
and fingerpicking technique.
These workshop sessions were so enjoyable too,
as Clive encouraged me always
to make the lessons my own. 
Clive is clearly a masterful musician who knows and understands the guitar.
I have come away totally inspired and feel as though I have the tools to really step up my playing
to the next level.  
I would highly recommend a visit to Clive and Susie's if you are a guitarist of any level and have a yearning to improve but find it difficult
due to the pressures of modern life.
The setting itself is absolutely beautiful, idyllic with a nearby lagoon and waterfall!  
It felt as though everything was taken care of - the accommodation was lovely and the food was
Susie's incredible home cooked,
healthy nourishing and delicious.
I will certainly be returning once I have absorbed and digested the material that I have been given!  



*  *  *


Birger, from Denmark, studied with me at my guitar workshops, two hours each day for seven days.

Clive radiates creativity and enthusiasm for music that I found very inspiring....

He explained everything simply and clearly...

I can now add his jazz guitar playing methods to my classical guitar style! 


*  *  * 


Paul flew over from Chicago,

Clive, another great visit

to your guitar workshops.

In just four days, we set the course for another year of guitar practice and progress by further incorporating the Clive Davies' guitar technique into my music.



*   *   *

 Mario flew in from the USA

for five days of my guitar workshops. 

I spent five wonderful days attending a special guitar workshop, in which I learned fingerpicking techniques, new eye-opening chords,

and mind-blowing possibilities.

                   Thanks to Clive and his wife Susan.



*   *   *


Rebecca flew down from the UK.

Staying in Granada,

she came by bus for three hours

of my guitar workshops,

 three times a week

for two weeks.  

I cannot thank you enough for your inspirational guitar workshops in Montefrio.

I am so pleased that I found you, after much searching for a private guitar teacher in Granada!
Your unique teaching methods really opened my mind to the wider possibilities of musical exploration on the guitar.
I had great fun during your lessons and really appreciated your patience, encouragement, and unbridled enthusiasm.
I will return and would not hesitate to recommend your workshops!
Muchisimo gracias Clive!!!
Hasta El proximity año...
Saludos cordiales



*   *   *


Laurie-Anne flew from the

Canadian Arctic to Spain

 for two weeks

of my guitar Workshops.


Clive's enthusiasm for both teaching and our friend 'the guitar', is contagious. I was taught techniques I never dreamed of.

Together with his wife Sue,

they are awesome hosts!

I even learned a few music tips from Sue.

I'm forever grateful.



*  *  * 


Henrik came from Norway

 for two weeks

of my guitar workshops.


Clive has applied classical guitar techniques across many genres...

His novel techniques are easy to follow, systematic and very focused...


I had a great time studying the guitar together with him - I specially found his ideas of applying jazz-chords, and the patterns he relates to them, very useful - I am already using his methods

in my own compositions.


I have found these two weeks inspiring and plan to continue incorporating his methods, together with my newly learned classical guitar style.


*   *   *
Jan came from London
to attend a week of my guitar workshops.

The time I spent with you Clive was invaluable.  I learnt so much and rekindled a few things I had forgotten too.
You are a wonderful guitarist, a patient and inspiring teacher.

 Your insights into technique and tone playing on the guitar were a revelation to me.
I hope I can come out to Montefrio again for a weekend in the coming months.




*  *  *



Alun and Monty, his 15 year old son,

sent me this email: 


We flew from UK to Malaga, rented a car

and drove up to Montefrio.  

Clive came at the idea of playing jazz from a different angle to previous teachers we've worked with.

He started with some easily fingered jazz chords

and from there showed us how to access

a world of jazz and improvisation

with some simple tricks and tips. 

After two days we were building our understanding

not through complex theory,

that I for one find difficult to retain,

but visually, seeing how the chord shape

can lead you into a scale. 

Clive also took Monty through a process of composition that opened a world of creative possibility,

again with simple tips and advice,

all delivered with patience

and a smile.  

We finished the week with the three of us 'trading eights'

and improvising jazz. 

I could never have imagined that we would make so much progress in just a week. 

I highly recommend Clive's guitar workshops  to anyone who has a love of jazz

and wants to explore a world of possibilities

on the fretboard of their guitar. 

What I love about his system is that we haven't just learned

 a song or two,

we have learned how to access a whole world of jazz songs and can take this away

 to experiment with to our hearts delight! 

Thanks Clive, we will be back  for another dose of your fingerstyle guitar next year!




* * *



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