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Clive Davies Guitar Workshop Holidays

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ONE-ON-ONE  Guitar Tuition

 in Montefrio, Granada, Spain


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February 2018


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Andrew Williams, a fine classical guitarist and composer,

came for my guitar workshops this November.

We visited Granada - here the Alhambra is in the background, along with the snow capped Sierra Nevada. 


Ten days of guitar were just what I needed. The setting is idyllic, among mountains and olive groves with

beautiful Montefrio a steep 45 minutes walk away.

I had challenging daily workshops with Clive

and even as a 40+ year veteran of classical guitar,

my playing has really benefited, with some essential learning about tone production, right hand work, lightening my left hand grip, working on core repertoire, organising rehearsal time.... 

I was also memorably well fed, thanks to Suzie! 

And not to be missed is the magical city of Granada,

Spanish guitar heaven.





Here's the address to my mobile friendly site -








I have been holding my Guitar Workshop Holidays

here in Montefrio, Spain since 2006 

I teach fingerstyle guitar playing:

Folk, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Blues,

also Singing and Song writing
+ Music Composition

Beginners and early learners

are especially welcome!


My Prices,
Click on this link 
Prices page

Which type of Guitarist are you?

1) Perhaps you've  had  one or two lessons
and have bought a 'Learn Guitar' book.

2) You play many styles - from folk/blues to classical
and possibly a little jazz.

3) You play classical guitar from music only,
and long to loosen-up
and develop some jazz guitar skills.

4) You are a budding composer or singer/songwriter needing some direction  with your musical ideas.

5) You play plectrum guitar though you
 long to develop fingerstyle skills.

-If you recognize yourself
as one of these guitarists
- then my Guitar Workshop Holidays
will be a fingerstyle treat for you!
*Can't make the trip to my
Guitar Workshops?
- You'll find my booklet will give you
a low cost insight into my playing... 


Montefrio, Granada,
Our wonderful area of Spain has so much to offer:
Sightseeing and scenic walking through the olive groves, visits to the many beautiful pueblos that surround us,
- and you may be lucky enough
to experience some flamenco!





A little bit

about Clive and Sue Davies...
My wife and I have lived in Spain since 2005.
We have a house, Casa Capacha,
in a beautiful setting in rural Granada,
near the pueblo of Montefrio.
It has an attractive self contained cottage
which is used by guitarists
who come here for rest, relaxation,
and of course some Guitar Therapy
with my Guitar Workshop Holidays.









Have guitar - will travel...
Come by plane - come by train!
Not too far - come by car!
Spain, Granada, Montefrio...  Aaaah!






A very pretty pueblo

Voted third 'Wonder of Granada' 

and recently featured in the 

National Geographic magazine!

Link to the cultural page of the Montefrio Town Hall::








Guitarists and reviews:





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 In Montefrio with Sue and Tony Ainsworth. 

I taught the guitar to Tony, some forty years ago,

when we were living in South Africa...

They live in UK and Tony plays guitar

in the Cambridge Guitar Orchestra.


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Graham Cotton is a clever blues / rock guitarist.

Flying out from the UK for my guitar workshops

we great fun exploring the guitar music together.

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Mike Byrne took time off from his busy

 medical practice in Vancouver, Canada.

As a novice guitarist, he came to Spain 

for seven days of my intensive

 three hours a day guitar workshops. 


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Honzik is a ten year old from the Czech republic - a talented young man, he's been studying the guitar

since the age of five!



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Bob is a very clever young finger-style guitarist 

from the UK

Clive's teaching broadened my horizons of guitar knowledge; 

expanding what I thought was possible with the guitar and music.

Clive’s deep knowledge and understanding of the craft has been taught to me with patience and simplicity, allowing me to progress at my own speed, while teaching me everything I needed to know.


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Jessica from the USA is an Italian girl, 

currently living in Australia

Clive is a wonderful and determined teacher!  

He has a great love for music and extensive teaching experience which makes the lessons flow naturally and smoothly. 

He spent a lot of time devising pieces that would inspire me, 

as well as teach me a range of different methods. 

I came to Montefrio to improve my guitar skills and work on a few pieces of music but left with classic, jazz, blues, and folk guitar knowledge. 

Clive did not baby me through the workshops

 just because I was a beginner, which I greatly appreciated.

 He blends his own techniques and ideas into the lessons

 so I can truly say it was a very unique experience! 

These seven days have given me a guitar toolkit 

that I will be able to draw from for years to come!


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Moeto is a fine finger-style and rock guitarist

 from Japan.

Clive's lessons uncovered many aspects of playing the guitar...


Through his broad taste and deep knowledge of music, 

I accessed new techniques, finger styles and chord combinations.
No matter how long you have played the guitar, 

I strongly recommend you visit and experience his guitar workshops.


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Spencer, an American student studying in Granada, attends weekend guitar workshops with me

 Clive is a fountain of musical and life knowledge. 

In just a few sessions he blew the door wide open

 on what I had thought I had known. 

His ability to blend his own thoughts and techniques

 with my abilities was uncanny. 

He doesn't push his views, he just shows you

 what could be and allows you to pursue to your hearts content'

 I have enough to keep me busy for quiet a while! 

Susie and Clive's hospitality is second to none, 

I highly recommend a visit to absorb what Clive has to offer.


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Daisy flew down from London to study at my guitar workshops.

She sent me an email: 

As a practising yogi and musician I was keen to find somewhere that I could focus my efforts in an undistracted way into both practices
which I am passionate about. 
The lessons with Clive were an altogether amazing experience. As an intermediate player - I have self taught for about 12 years but have always struggled to get myself through plateaus with varying success. 
Clive has helped me to unlock many techniques which I found to be a complete enigma when read in books.
I have been shown ways and means to discover new chords and techniques to spice up and innovate my songwriting technique. I have particularly enjoyed learning how to 'jazzify' simple melodies.
He has helped me to uncover and correct in a very supportive way - areas that need improvement, from very basic things like grip
and fingerpicking technique.
These workshop sessions were so enjoyable too,
as Clive encouraged me always
to make the lessons my own. 
Clive is clearly a masterful musician who knows and understands the guitar.
I have come away totally inspired and feel as though I have the tools to really step up my playing
to the next level.  
I would highly recommend a visit to Clive and Susie's if you are a guitarist of any level and have a yearning to improve but find it difficult
due to the pressures of modern life.
The setting itself is absolutely beautiful, idyllic with a nearby lagoon and waterfall!  
It felt as though everything was taken care of - the accommodation was lovely and the food was
Susie's incredible home cooked,
healthy nourishing and delicious.
I will certainly be returning once I have absorbed and digested the material that I have been given!  



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