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Clive Davies Guitar Workshop Holidays

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About my
 Guitar Workshop Holidays

My Guitar Workshop Holidays cover diverse aspects of my unique guitar style- which has developed over many years, during the fun and excitement of my fingerstyle/ classical guitar playing, composing and songwriting.

So the focus with these Workshops is to pass on appropriate techniques and skills tailored specifically for you...
- How to quickly increase your single line- melody playing speed... in some gorgeous and very novel ways.
- Learn my effective ways to open and 'brighten up’ your chords.
- Find out about my 'mixed' arpeggios and enhanced textural effects.
- Try my unique, chord based ‘pattern playing’ for runs and riffs.
- Also, with jazz type, 'root bass- four string chords, learn my 'automatic' bass technique, it's a pure delight!
- And what about a great 'figured bass' blues shuffle- even melody playing- using sixths.
- Then there are my novel methods of composition- applicable for fingerstyle and classical guitar writers, plus singer/ songwriters.

Also I can cover tone playing, dynamics, phrasing, right and left hand techniques,
all in my ‘hands-on’ approach
The overall objective is to improve your level of guitar playing and, where applicable, your ability to compose/ arrange music for the guitar, even hone your songwriting skills.
Also, rest assured that as my
Guitar Workshop Holidays
are for individuals,
you will dictate the pace
 at which you learn.

Players of all backgrounds and levels are welcome as I have developed alternative techniques which will benefit beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
So these are 'one on one'
Guitar Workshop Holidays
with hands-on guitar samples and printed music in notation and TAB.

I get enormous pleasure from playing, teaching and composing for the guitar, so rest assured that your workshop holiday will be light hearted, flexible, fun and very informative.
You should find that after one or more of my Guitar Workshop Holiday sessions you will have learnt many new techniques - so many new tools and ideas to dramatically improve your guitar playing.
* * *

The cottage accomodation

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contact me...

                    My 1971 Ramirez guitar
If you would like to come to Spain
for my Guitar Workshop Holidays
-please send me an email-
Can you give me a few brief details about yourself…
Your name, how long you have been playing, and the level and type of guitar music you play- or wish to play...

It would help me to know a bit about your favourite players / composers too, which will allow me to
structure the workshops to suit you personally.

Guitar Workshop Holidays
have music sessions that last for one hour (or longer) each day, the timing of which is flexible, ensuring that students have plenty of time in which to practice
(a guitar is available for your use)
and also do some sightseeing...
or perhaps purchase a new guitar
from one of the many Luthiers
who make magnificent guitars in the nearby city of Granada,
where you may also experience the excitement of live flamenco music,
or visit the magnificent Alhambra.

Me and Jose Antonio


Playing to the wonderful bossa singing

of Olivia from Montefrio


Lessons for Latif and Juan Carlos