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Clive Davies Guitar Workshop Holidays

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                   *   *   *


            Chris Pring, enjoys my Guitar Workshops

                          - a birthday present from his wife Diana.


                      *   *   *


      Matthew Jones, attended five days

                               of my Guitar Workshops...


                                   *   *   *  


     Vince Smith, a fine classical guitarist,

         enjoyed some of my novel techniques and studies!

                          * * *

         Shasha was in Granada on holiday from San Francisco USA.

          Taking pot luck, she phoned, and was able to come over
                      for two days of my Guitar Workshops.

         *  *  *

           Vicki came for four days of my guitar workshops.
                   A classical silver flutist from Amsterdam
                   (she also plays many other instruments)

          *  *  *

                  Mark came over from Jersey for four days
                 of intensive Fingerstyle Guitar Workshops.
              We took scenic walks aound the olive groves,
              a trip into the beautiful pueblo of Montefrio,
                       and an evening visit to Granada

                    for some brilliant gypsy flamenco!

         *  *  *

               Mike came to Spain on holiday from Canada.

      A very accomplished classical / fingerstyle guitarist

             he enjoyed five days - three hours each day

                                  of my guitar workshops...

         *  *  *

              From Oxford, Gez  absorbed many new skills
                         in classical, blues and jazz guitar..

       'Thanks for a really insightful week of lessons Clive,
                   learned loads - imaginative material -
              flexible approach -felt in very safe hands -
          your skill and enthusiasm
inspired confidence
                 in how and what was being taught.'

               *  *  *

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