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Clive Davies Guitar Workshop Holidays

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Here's the link for you to watch a short video of my guitar booklet, Nailing It:




Guitar Booklets

Mixing Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

Music to open up your Guitar Playing

and bridge the gap between two Guitar styles


For Fingerstyle / Classical Guitarists with moderate playing experience

who are looking to learn something different,

I have developed Guitar Techniques based upon my years of Playing,

Writing and Teaching the Guitar - both Lessons and Workshops


My Guitar Booklets contain music that is melodic, harmonius, rhythmical

and above all - finger friendly!


In this Booklet there are five pieces that will get your fingers moving,

quickly adding fizz to your Guitar Playing - brightening your repertoire!


14 pages of music plus Playing TIPS and Performance Notes!  


Each Booklet includes a number of varied pieces sure to hold your interest

- many of the Guitar Techniques I have developed are revealed here...


They contain Learning Concepts such as:

Repetitive Patterns (for both right and left hands) which quickly become familiar

 - allowing the music to flow more easily

Same Shape Chords which move up, down even across the fingerboard

Plus the two most important right hand techniques - arpeggios and tremolos

and their associated use in mixed arpeggios and rapid, single line melody playing 


Clearly printed in TAB and music notation + chord charts

this series of Guitar Booklets offers a wealth of music for pleasure and study.


Booklet one: Nailing It
1) African Waltz
2) Arpeggioso
3) Sunbird
4) Fourth Dimension
5) Bambi
Total number of pages 21 
To get your copy, please email me
Cost  € 5.00
*   *   *